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LibreOffice  3.6.3 RC 2

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# Bugs fixed
* Bad processing hyperlink with anchor in DOCX
* UI: Option 'Range contains column headings' ignored
* Macros: sorting range in calc in 3.6 puts nulls ahead of filled in rows
* Sort lists in Calc not shown and adding a second custom defined list, deletes a privious defined custom list
* EDITING: Cell used in a formula is considered non-empty
* FILTER: Autofilter incorrect if filtered cells are referenced in formulas
* REGRESSION Crash when subtotals calculated for "none" with cell selected outside subtotal range
* Tools Options Colors Edit - Hex - any value forces grey
* FILESAVE: crash when i have delete rows
* German OK and Cancel buttons show ~
* libreoffice 3.5 calc documents with more than 256 sheets are not supported
* Incorrect translation of the german printing window

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