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LibreOffice 3.5.3 RC 1

By LibreOffice.org  (Open Source)
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# Core
* fix colorspace conversion for greyscale bitmaps
* cache calls to mdds:mixed_type_matrix::size
* clrContourCache for SwAnchoredDrawObjects
* copy column privileges into table privileges
* cppcanvas: processEMFPlus: fix valgrind warning:
* disable cairo canvas on Windows
* do not increase height of checkboxes
* do not play sound in presenter console
* docx, no mso-fit-shape-to-text means the textbox size is fixed
* export all style information to xls/xlsx
* fdo43752: PPTX import fix affected odp imports.
* find install location during help pack install
* fix - edge-case trans gradients came out empty
* fix - use older ODF encryption by default
* fix RTF import of \page in inner groups
* fix RTF import of all capitals char prop
* fix RTF import of character encoding in footnotes
* fix RTF import of custom fonts in substreams
* fix RTF import of mixed super/nonsuper text
* fix RTF import of multi-paragraph exact height textboxes
* fix RTF import of shapes inside text frames at the start of the doc
* fix RTF import of tables with empty first row
* fix RTL menu rendering on Windows
* fix border printing:
* fix crash on RTF import of shapes inside tables
* fix the fix so it doesn't crash
* fix vcl alpha blending
* fix vertical align when switching mode in multibar
* fixed pdf export (of images).
* handle various busted rtf docs without hanging
* improved label/BC wizard - set paper size
* increase nCol before next iteratation to prevent loop
* macros: Macro to set filter in Calc does not work with .StringValue
* make "Replace All" work with REs
* match version in about dialog and file properties
* more reliable way to check for RTL text.
* never let users save in /tmp by default
* RTF/DOCX import: fixed the import of consecutive frames
* removed strange non-wrapping condition
* resolved CSV import got confused by erroneous HTML detection
* resolved the current document is not always the first in list
* revert "make text wrapping work in headers/footers too "
* rtftok: initial PN (legacy numbering syntax) support
* rtftok: support bullet points in paragraph numberings
* shift+F3 should be the shourtcut for Edit > Duplicate in Draw
* show synchronized checked only if all margins are the same
* sw: fix border corner gaps:
* swNodes: fix inconsistent outline check:
* TOC dialog, Entries tab: the right arrow button does not work
* this hack in no longer needed
* use fabs for double values, not abs
* use of pointer to deleted object
* use same border width information for xls import and export
* use x.y.z version also for desktop integration packages