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LibreOffice 3.5.0 Beta 3

By LibreOffice.org  (Open Source)
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# Core
* "*.*" is not "all files"
* another missing null pointer check in multilinebar
* avoid pointless const_cast, use getConstArray in all cases.
* basic function VAL produces bad result
* cherry pick fix
* collection of problems causing loss of ole2 previews
* correctly handle empty paragraphs in slideshow animation
* deleting sheets should adjust drawing object pages as well.
* don't hide images in menus
* don't set document modified for copy and select all
* fix (bad hyphenation of French words with hyphen and apostrophe)
* fix - don't loop infinitely when using Apple Remote
* fix RTF export of date field
* fix RTF import of images with invalid crop data
* fix RTF import of implicit horizontal table cell merges
* fix RTF import of vertically merged table cells
* fix crash in DomainMapper_Impl::SetFieldFFData
* fix crash when play particular presentation with sound
* fix for - prevent invalid shape text indices.
* fix for Wrong position in Extension Mgr
* fix for double hyphens
* fix hyphenation attributes:
* fix slideshow text animations
* get external references to work with AND and OR.
* header/Footer,Page Break: fix bad test for printing mode
* hopefully correct automatic calculation of y-axis scale.
* importing extLst of drawings in diagrams.
* make the data validation popup more reliable.
* missing icons in Index Design dialog
* missing pointer check in new multiline input code
* oDF export: fix layout grid invalid ODF
* overlapped controls
* pack *.default files, too
* rHEL-4 buildbox doesn't have FT_Library_SetLcdFilter
* rTF: update layout (if present) before export
* refresh the layout after inserting a picture
* reintroduce fo:margin-* on top of fo:margin for backward compat
* related: fix parsing of the \cf RTF token
* related: header styles contain content like document body
* remove Tahoma from the Hebrew font list (except the UI list)
* resolved - Date formatting in Spreadsheet is inconsistent
* return earlier from ScInterpreter::GetDBParams on error
* revert "aw084: Added code to mimic old behaviour and call user layout link when empty paragraph is rendered"
* safer protection check... why using the layout for this?
* search for index entries in the whole document, not only the body
* shrink the first column in the open dialog, remove unused flags
* skip filtered cells during auto-fill.
* sw: temp selection print doc:
* tools container rework regression fix
* update readme