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# calc
* [PATCH] fix for defining named ranges should be case insensitiv
* allow multi-range copy from VBA.
* better way to remove DP objects without reversing order.
* correctly import from Excel charts with multiple ranges.
* dr78: set app flag in ScGlobal::SetSearchItem
* fix broken refresh() from UNO API (and Basic).
* fix for SetNamedRanges speedup
* fix for changes to range names invalidate stream too
* fix for check for empty local range names
* fix for crash with hidden column in Data->Form
* fix for database ranges don't work in formulas
* fix for don't write password algorithm in odf 1.0 and 1.1
* fix for set correct table number in local db data
* fix for set upper limit for second parameter of tinv to 1E10
* make strings localizable
* make sure the drawing layer is initialized before use.
* prevent double-deletes during removal of pivot tables.
* set selection request as done for macro recorder
* use the correct clip doc instance to copy to.
# components
* related changes in split components repository to support LCID changes
# filters
* change 2007 XML to 2007/2010 XML in UI strings
* change 97/XP/2000 to 97/XP/2000/2003
* related correct import of shared formulas
# help
* remove link to non-existing topic
* update the operation of delete and backspace key
# impress
* clean-up of bugfix for the -3-4 branch
* fix ruler to not generate negative left indent
* make strings localizable
* missing icon in Styles and Formatting dialog in Impress
# libs-core
* add a modification listener on new XDocumentProperties
* clean-up of bugfix for the -3-4 branch
* fix for - no update preview
* fix for change password button is always disabled
* fix memory exhaustion with String length of STRLEN_MAX
* fix wrong RTTI baseclass for SfxViewEventHint
* make these entries localizable
* null the display pointer after closing the display, fixes
* on recovery from an autosave file use DefaultFilter, seems to fix
* related changes in split libs-core repository to support LCID changes
* related: /short fread isn't an error when its eof
* resolve: post-stl use vector end position not LIST_APPEND
# libs-extern
* related: force .a files to hidden visibility
# libs-extern-sys
* backport fix
# libs-gui
* add Teke-Eboo language
* add gd_GB (Gaelic, Scottish) locale data
* change 97/XP/2000 to 97/XP/2000/2003
* change SV_BUTTONTEXT_LESS from More to Less
* eMF+ records don't need payload all the time
* fix discarding bracketed prefixes in number formats, such as [RED]
* half&full width forms need to remain asian
# sdk
* wrong csh syntax
# ure
* related: on windows find the openssl libs that _ssl.pyd needs
# writer
* backport fix
* don't crash on undo of ole2 insert
* don't restore original view settings on temp documents
* fExtChar affects only < 8 (if at all)
* fix counting the paragraphs
* it really is a LineBorder not a LineBorder2
* related: crash in new field code

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