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LibreOffice  3.4.0

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# Featured Selection
- Redesigned Move/Copy Sheet dialog.
- Improve HTML export with an image thumbnail gallery of the slides on the contents page.
- Fonts which are tuned for use with a specific script, e.g. Arabic, Hebrew, Malayalam, etc. now show an additional preview of some sample text in the target script.
- Color Charts: Adding and Removing color charts is now possible
- Named range as data source
- Text Rendering

# Writer Features and Fixes
- New gradient / drop-shadow to highlight writer pages, with configurable colors in the options
- Support Color and line styles for the columns and footnote separator lines.
- Add Greek Characters mode for bullets and numbering
- The graphite smart font rendering support, has been completely rewritten to use a new faster graphite engine

# Calc Features and Fixes
- Redesigned Move/Copy Sheet dialog
- Support for autofilter per sheet
- Re-work of the drawing layer
- Massive re-work of external reference handling
- Named ranges in sheet-local scope
- Multiple subtotals on a single sheet
- Preserve OLE links to other Excel documents when importing an Excel document

# DataPilot (Pivot Table) Features and Fixes
- DataPilot is now named Pivot Table
- Support for unlimited number of fields
- Named range as data source
- Re-work of the internals

# Impress/Draw Features and Fixes
- Improve HTML export with an image thumbnail gallery of the slides on the contents page

# Filters Features and Fixes
- Re-write flat ODF import and export file filters from Java to C++ giving a huge speed increase
- Substantially re-work legacy StarOffice (pre 2000) binary file format filters, removing all export code

# Core Changes
- Initial support for Unity and global menu support
- Internationalized font previews
- Autocorrect
- Text Rendering
- Adapt to Linux mouse pointer themes more pleasantly
- Improve gtk+ theme integration, making LibreOffice look more native
- Find toolbar now behaves much more like in applications like Firefox
- Separate borders width and style for Writer, Calc and Impress
- Added new 3D border types
- Color Charts
- Rotate through case changes
* Performance
- Smoother startup on Linux
- Remove inefficient, and un-necessary 'BmpColorMode' approach to accessibility theming
- Remove 150 duplicated redundant 'missing icon' icons to reduce bloat
- Move seldom used text encoding conversions into a separate library, saving 1Mb or so of RAM
- Linux fontconfig leak
- Shrink Windows installer download by more than 30Mb using better compression schemes
- Remove 624 localized palette files and have them localized run-time
- Remove compatibility support layer for old Windows 9x non-unicode Win32 APIs

# Other
- When the document is encrypted with a password, you can now change the password while the document is open
- LO-3.4 can be installed in parallel with LO-3.3 on Linux

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