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Download K-Meleon 1.5.0

K-Meleon 1.5.0

By K-Meleon  (Open Source)
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K-Meleon 1.5.0 Final

Release Notes:

If you get the 7z package you'll need the MS Visual Studio 7.1 dlls.

Add: #719 Session Resume For Windows w/Navigation History
Add: #920 Tabs support
Add: #946 Toggle flashblock and 'css adblock' when running
Add: #999 32 bits bitmap support for toolbars.
Add: #1001 Add support for middle click in toolbar and menu
Add: #735 Rearrange/reorder tabs via drag and drop
Add: #258 RFE: Drag & Drop links to other tab
Fix: #6 Non-latin1 characters in menu.
Fix: #226 Non-latin1 characters don't show in title, menu or toolbar
Fix: #300 No frame-popup with iframe
Fix: #585 "wyciwyg" in urlbar and title bar
Fix: #631 National characters in URL not supported
Fix: #749 Bug in file paths containing non-ascii chars
Fix: #846 Some changes from about:config aren't kept by K-Meleon
Fix: #862 Middle-clicks trigger context menu
Fix: #881 wrong URL displayed after undo close tab
Fix: #900 "Open" command in download dialog ignores setting in mimeTypes
Fix: #902 URL Bar text color incorrect
Fix: #911 Error in settings window of Russian UI
Fix: #917 Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error [Icon cache corruption]
Fix: #918 Ctrl + A in url bar
Fix: #919 -profilesDir $appdata creates folder "KMeleon" instead of "K-Meleon"
Fix: #925 Keyboard support in Open/Save-Prompt
Fix: #954 URL bar word break on space characters
Fix: #1008 JavaScript method window.home() broken
Fix: #1016 Wrong http_referer sent in frameset page
Fix: #924 Use link text for title when adding a link to bookmarks
Fix: #541 Toggling Fullscreen Within Layers
Fix: #395 multiple monitors: selecting bg layers makes app move
Fix: #617 Layer toolbar blocked - can't select a layer button anymore
Fix: #828 Continuous Reload macro makes another window's layer inaccessible
Fix: #848 Layer toolbar popup is only for current layer
Fix: #932 Window disappears after switching layers quickly
Fix: #972 Opening a new layer creates a new entry in the task bar that quickly disappears
Fix: #809 Macros: Comparison ops - numbers compared as strings
Fix: #1003 Crash when clearing address bar history on shutdown
Fix: #1000 Keyboard navigation in menu doesn't work
Fix: #826 Skipping a pressed button's popup menu unpresses the button
KmPrefs: Replace native preferences panel.
KmPrefs: Detailed font settings.
KmPrefs: More detailed network/performance settings.
KmPrefs: Add/edit user-defined proxy configurations.
KmPrefs: Cosmetic correction for WinXP/Luna.
Overall updates to macros and configuration files.
Improved translation macro.