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IrfanView 4.30

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By Irfan Skiljan  (Non-Commercial Freeware)
Latest Version
IrfanView 4.38

- Faster JPG loading! (Thanks to D. R. Commander for Turbo-JPG)
- New Paste options: Paste on left/right/top/bottom (Edit->Paste Special) (see also the new option: Properties->Editing->Fit clipboard image)
- Changes in Open/Save dialogs (Recent folders box, View mode is remembered)
- Menu "File->Recent directories" removed (MRUDs are now in the Open dialog)
- New options in Canvas Size dialog
- EXIF + IPTC PlugIns merged into Metadata-Plugin
- New option in JPG IPTC/Comment dialogs: Allow placeholders
- New option in JPG IPTC dialog: Batch editing (if started from Thumbnails)
- New options in Capture dialog (send to Clipboard, Printer, new name patterns)
- Option to show Alpha channel for TIF/PNG/TGA files (menu: Image->Show channel)
- Option to show TIF alpha/transparency (for 32 bit RGBA images, Properties->Viewing)
- Added basic support for EXIF saving from Digi-Cam RAW formats to JPG
- The Effects dialog can be resized/maximized
- AltaLux Effect/PlugIn added (Image->Effects menu, Thanks to Stefano Tommesani)
- Option to set a tolerance value for "Auto crop borders" (Properties->Editing)
- New Advanced-Batch dialog: Crop width/height can be negative (crop from end)
- New option in batch rename dialog: Remember last rename counter
- Support for MPO format (Multi Picture Object, first 2 images can be loaded)
- Support for GLCD format (Formats PlugIn)
- DEL key now allowed in slideshow mode: delete current file
- New hotkeys: SHIFT + 1-3: Start external editor 1-3
- New hotkey: SHIFT + "." (point): Toggle slideshow modes: random <-> automatic
- Some minor bugs fixed (ALT+F4)