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# Important security updates and bug fixes
# Notable Fixes and Enhancements:
- PPAPI Debugger Preview - Multiple Stability Fixes
- TextField.getFontList() and Font.enumerateFonts() now return 0 in Private Browsing Mode
- Font.enumerateFonts now returns an alphabetically sorted list
- Resolves an issue introduced in Flash Player 11.10 and AIR SDK > 13 where attached connected game controllers were not detected at launch
- Hardware Decoding support is now enabled for Intel Baytrail hardware
- [Chrome] Resolves an issue where some render textures could not be displayed with Chrome and D3DX11
- [Chrome] Angry Birds on Facebook now works as expected
- [Chrome] Flash Player will not load a SWF if Content-Type-Options: nosniff is specified and the Content-Type header does not match
- [HTTP Live Streaming] The value of AudioTrack.isDefault is now returned correctly
- [HTTP Live Streaming] The value of is now returned correctly after AUDIO_UPDATE events
- [Mac] Fixes a memory leak encountered during video and Stage3D playback
- [Win] Resolves a video playback issue that was introduced in 11.9.900.166 that caused a small number of H.264 streams to not play
- [Win] IME - Corrects an issue where words were duplicated in the candidate window on third-party bottom line IMEs
- [Win8.1 ARM] Farmville2 - The maximum number of Stage3D instances allowed on Win8.x ARM devices has been increased from one to four
- [Win8.1 x64] The Windows Narrator tool now recognizes Flash Player objects embedded in web pages
- [Win8.1] Reduces power consumption during video playback in portrait orientation
- [Win8.1] Improves performance of video blitting on DirectX 11 systems in portrait mode
- [Win8.1] Video from built-in cameras now rotates as expected when the device changes from landscape to portrait mode
- [Win8.1] now correctly sets the provided color after a page refresh
- [Win8.1] HTTP Live Streaming - Resolves an issue where encrypted video playback would hang intermittently [Win8.x] The [Tab] key now works as expected in Full-Screen mode
- [Win8.x] Resolves a stability issue for standalone applications that use Flash Player in an embedded Internet Explorer instance
- [Win8.x] StandAlone Player - Exiting FullScreen mode now works as expected
- [Win8.x] Flash Player will now gracefully recover from a graphics driver reset
- [Win8.x] Resolves a stability issue with HTTP Live Streaming
- [Win][Networking] Set default network request timeout to 5 seconds. Added new configuration property "NetworkRequestTimeout" which can be set in configuration files.
- Multiple security and stability fixes