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DivX Play 9.1.1

By DivX Team  (Freeware)
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# Fixed:
- Player improved seeking accuracy for new playback core
- Player crash issue on Mac when resizing several times
- Player VOD download issue for specific content hosts
- DivX Media Server progress indicator accuracy when scanning your library
- DivX Media Server improved MKV seeking for PS3
- DivX Media Server upgrade stability for really large databases
- Web Player decoding issue for HE-AAC audio
- Web Player missing skin if width < about 550px
- Web Player compatibility for right click context menus in Firefox
- Web Player crash for IE9 and IE10 when initiating plugin
- Web Player incorrect specific hotkey (Shift+Win+Left/Right arrow)
- Web Player VOD issue with green blocks
- Converter crash when dragging multiple files on Mac
- Converter Error 2 caused by specific MOV file in Converter
- Converter rotation tooltip display when input file matches profile
- Converter no longer creates 0mb files after failed conversion
- MP4 profile sometimes shows demo logo watermark
- some minor localization issues