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Download Adobe Air

Adobe Air

By Adobe Systems Inc  (Freeware)
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# Includes the following fixes and security updates
# Fixed Issues:
- [IOS] Resolves an issue introduced in AIR where DatagramSocket was not receiving packets
- [IOS] Values are now set correctly when assigning Vector3D.Y_AXIS to a Vector3D object with -useLegacyAOT=no[Android] Browse file dialog called by FileReference.browse() is correctly displayed on the Nexus 7 and Xoom 4.1.2
- [Android] is ignored for all but one extension when multiple extensions are used
- [x86][Android] Workers get terminated even without calling terminate function
- [Android] Setting the restrict property on a StageText instance and adding or removing text incorrectly add extra characters.
- [iOS] Values are now set correctly when assigning Vector3D.Y_AXIS to a Vector3D object with useLegacyAOT=no
- [iOS] ANE doesn't include libraries through platform.xml and throws error on packaging the IPA
- [iOS] DatagramSocket not receiving packets on iOS (3742982)
- [iOS] Not able to debug/launch iPad iOS Simulator from Flash Builder. Note: One needs to set a environment variable using the command: launchctl setenv AIR_IOS_SIMULATOR_DEVICE "iPad Retina” Then restart the process and run the application on simulator device of his/her choice. By default iPhone is launched.
- [iOS] Not able to debug AIR app in iOS Simulator from Flash Builder when Xcode below 5.x is installed
- [iOS7] StageText fontWeight/fontPosture API does not work
- [Android] R$Styleable.class goes missing from the final AIR app APK though is included in ANE.
- [Android] Starling throws Buffer creation failed. Internal error while createVertexBuffer
- [Win] Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V now work correctly in StageText fields
- Multiple security and stability fixes