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Von Azureus  (Open Source)

- UI | Added 'force start' and 'super seeding' options to the create-torrent wizard
- UI | File filter added to torrent-options dialog
- UI | Minimum/Target share ratio setters added to column menu and torrent options view
- UI | Added 'SHA1' column to files-view
- UI | Added a default save directory to apply when 'best guess' is enabled and nothing matches
- UI | File path names can now be entered into the search box to open the torrent
- UI | New column showing the date of completion of the most recent file
- UI | Added 'initial tags' to the create-torrent wizard
- UI | Enabled networks can now be specified in torrent-options dialog
- UI | Added an 'apply to current' function to tags with initial-save/move-on-complete set
- UI | Added 'availability' button to torrent-options to allow a torrent's availability to be checked before addition
- UI | Tag buttons can now be enabled in Library view; Category buttons can be hidden
- UI | Added 'pause for' option for selected torrents in Library view via Advanced menu
- Plug | Friends plugin now supports tag-based sharing to mirror the existing category based sharing
- Plug | Improved I2P network integration (new 'I2P Helper Plugin' deprecates existing 'I2P Network Plugin')
- Plug | The 'Network Status' plugin now tests connectivity to Vuze services (e.g. pairing service)
- Core | Added simple tag constraint language (e.g. to define a tag that contains downloads whose title matches a regex - see wiki)
- Core | BEP 40: Canonical Peer Priority
- Core | Added 'copy-on-complete' function to tags
- Core | HTTPS support for web-seeds
- Core | Speed limit handler can now start/stop downloads assigned to particular tags
- UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update
- UI | French translation update
- UI | Spanish translation update
- UI | Basque translation update
- UI | Network Status plugin results can now be copied to clipboard
- UI | Removed potential duplicate 'media already added' dialogs from inadvertent double-clicking
- UI | Windows: Azureus.exe binary description now set to play better with Firefox/Thunderbird URI launch dialog
- UI | All-peers and console views will now re-open on startup if open on close
- UI | Use consistent sash to separate the tabs area in library views
- UI | Sources view now displays scrape status for stopped downloads
- UI | Update download display name if user renames either single file in a single file torrent or top level folder in a multi-file one
- Plug | Internationalization plugin update
- Core | Paused downloads will now not be auto-started if a device attempts to access content
- Core | Reduce CPU usage used for calculating anti-spoof DHT tokens
- Core | Queue rules modified to prevent new seeds from being started if up-limit is reached
- UI | Transparancy settings for mini-bars/transfer-bar not being persisted
- UI | Primary tracker details were not being updated in detailed sources view
- Core | Torrent creation was failing when linked folders used and files ignored
- Core | Paused torrent removal was not removing from tag
- Core | Torrent private status not being correctly initialised
- Core | Various fixes to network and unresolved address handling
- Core | Handle missing publish dates in RSS feeds
- Core | Handle some XML parsing errors better
- Core | Fix Vuze preventing Windows logoff/shotdown
- Core | Async listener thread not always started when needed
- Core | Handle malformed announce URLs better