Download VirtualDJ 8.2 build 3205

VirtualDJ  8.2 build 3205

Von Atomix Productions  (Freeware)

- New skin with customizable PAD pages
- New BPM detection engine
- New BeatGrid detection engine
- New windowing engine, getting look and feel closer together on windows and mac
- Improved action editor with colors and highlighting of if-then-else parts
- Improved touch screen support
- Tag Editor keyboard shortcuts: ALT+LEFT/RIGHT, ALT+SPACE, ALT+ENTER, ALT+W
- Hardware Accelerated video recording (mp4, windows and nvidia only)
- Hardware Accelerated video playback on mac
- Link video to audio file and play linked video without interrupting audio track
- Improved video decoding for sampler and slideshow
- Smarter usage of hardware acceleration for video scratching and looping
- Improved support for WASAPI Exclusive mode.
- Improved tag reading: WMA composer tag, MP4 key tag, ID3v2.2 cover art, loop/key info for acid wav.
- VST Instrument support: Right-click on midi device (keyboard) in controller options to pass it to VST of a specific deck.
- Support for transparent video samples (HAP format).
- Record samples directly to Recordings Bank using 'sampler_rec x' (x is slot number).
- Fix changing existing vdjsample files.
- Colored cue points.
- Allow silence between mixes in automix by using negative automix fade length.
- mix_selected action to mix to selected song in automix.
- Fix cracks in automix dualdeck mode.
- Karaoke on-screen singer display options.
- Export browser view to CSV or HTML.
- Ask the DJ: gather audience requests from within the browser (through vdj webpage or twitter).
- browser_zoom support for skins, and implemented in default 2-deck skin.
- New audio effect 'Noise'.
- More skin options for cue/beatgrid on scratch wave.
- Improve quality, memory use and performance of images in video edits.
- Improved loopback recording quality.

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