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- VMM: added support for guest crash report MSRs with Hyper-V paravirtualization
- VMM: fixed an issue causing artifically high load averages on Linux hosts
- VMM: fixed a kernel panic with thread-context hooks caused by incompatible changes made to Linux 4.2 kernels
- VMM: fixed a saved state issue with VT-x/AMD-V disabled
- VMM: fixed a crash while creating a guest core dumps via the VM debug facility
- VMM: This release has AVX2 passthrough disabled on every host and AVX passthrough disabled for 64-bit VMs on 32-bit hosts. This will be properly fixed in a future 5.0.x maintenance release .
- GUI: fixed rare hang and crash on VM shutdown/poweroff
- GUI: X11: fixed few crashes caused by the Qt alien widgets feature
- GUI: X11: fixed various mini-toolbar geometry quirks like positioning, z-order, transiency issues on certain window managers
- GUI: X11: fixed mini-toolbar minimize button issue under certain window managers
- GUI: VM menu actions availability should now be properly updated on full-screen/seamless/scaled mode switches
- GUI: disk encryption password validation should be performed when user confirmed the password, not after each entered symbol
- GUI: do not change the VM/group selection in the VM Manager to the newly created VM if it was created by another client (e.g. VBoxManage)
- GUI: Mac OS X: do not treat 'almost maximized' VM windows as 'maximized', watch for the strict window geometry instead
- GUI: improve the quality in scaled mode under some circumstances
- VBoxManage: do not deny changing the network adapter type at VM runtime
- VRDP: allow Windows 10 RDP clients
- Audio: fix a possible crash on VM process termination
- Storage: improved raw disk access on OS X by unmounting any accessed volume before first use and prevent any mount attempt by the host
- 3D: basic support for saving/restoring display lists
- Drag and drop: fixed guest to host transfers on OS X hosts
- Drag and drop: fixed memory leak on Windows guests
- Shared Folders: fixed a problem with accessing CIFS shares
- Shared Folders: improved path conversion between hosts and guests with different path separators
- API: skip resetting of immutable media when the VM in saved state is started
- API: fixed method for setting medium IDs which used zero (invalid) UUIDs instead random (valid) UUIDs if no UUIDs were passed
- API: for Windows host fix detection of API client crashes which have a session open
- OVF: properly export all VBox features including the setting for paravirtualization
- Mac OS X hosts: El Capitan USB fixes
- Windows hosts: fixed crash when opening Windows dialogs from the VM process on Windows 10
- Windows hosts: fixed host-only adapter creation issues on Windows 10
- Windows hosts: fixed audio on Windows 10
- Linux hosts: more fixes for activated SMAP on Linux 3.19 and newer
- Linux hosts: check then name space before attaching to a host network interface
- Linux Additions: Linux 4.2 fixes
- Linux Additions: improved the performance of stat() to speed up certain file operations on shared folders
- Windows Additions: fixed a potential crash in the WDDM driver with Windows 10
- Solaris Additions: added support for X.Org Server 1.17
- X11 Additions: various seamless mode fixes, including invisible windows under LXDE.