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Von Shareaza Development Team  (Open Source)

Was ist die FileHippo-Sicherheitsgarantie?


Wir wissen, wie wichtig es ist, online geschützt zu sein, deshalb nutzt FileHippo Virenscantechnologie von Avira, um sicherzustellen, dass alle Downloads auf FileHippo frei von Schadsoftware sind. Das Programm, das sie gerade herunterladen wollen, kann ohne Bedenken auf Ihrem Gerät installiert werden.


* GUI:
- Added new scheduler window. (by siavoshkc) Allows a better control over what Shareaza is doing while running unattended.
- File moving error now shows as a tray message.
- Several icon updates.
- Added St. Patrick's Day and NoBanner example skin.
- Added client version to “Browse Host” window title.
- Fixed search dialog's overlapped Shareaza logo.
- Fixed ugly colors of highlighted icons (for example icons of Library Organizer view).
- Fixed semi-transparent "?" under icons in Library album view.
- Added ability to select all files in any library view by Ctrl + A keys
- Added ability to delete ghost files by "Clear History Now" button in Settings dialog.
- Dialog banner and Media Window logo now skinable (including their complete hiding). Some .bmp resources converted to .png ones with size reduction.
- Fixed not fit long lines in Select dialog.
- Fixed unused "Gnutella 1" option in Host Browse dialog, now Shareaza will ask G1-only browses under this option.

* IRC:
- Changed chat behavior: now "away" status will not disconnect chat session. Also changed chat log formatting.
- Fixed lost first symbol when text copied to clipboard.
- Fixed IRC window updating after IRC settings change.
- Changed IRC window layout (removed header for better view on small screen resolutions).
- Added IRC user menu "Browse" item (via "USERINFO" CTCP message).
- Implemented full URL detection in IRC window.
- Added IRC channel list preserving even in disconnected state.
- Added timestamps to IRC status window.
- Fixed minor bugs.
- Added CRichViewCtrl::GetWordFromPoint method. Extended CEmoticons::FormatText method. Changed some IRC icons.

* Networks:
- G2: Added "PCH" (G2_PACKET_PEER_CHAT) packet to host browser packet flow to flag chat capabilities.
- gnutella: Fixed maximum hits per packet (now 255, default is 64) for gnutella.
- Gnutella: Fix not connecting to original gnutella due to stale cache as expired hosts were not being removed (r8492)
- BitTorrent: Optimization of "Extension for Peers to Send Metadata Files" (BitTorrent Specs BEP0009) by ivan386.
- BitTorrent: Acept source without peer id + torrentless download (Forum Link) by ivan386
- Optimise endgame piece selection and reduce download overhead while in endgame.
- Enforced GIV/PUSH headers checks.

* Crash fixes:
- Fixed crash caused by bad Chinese translation.
- Fixed search window scroll crash.
- Fixed crash on search window close.
- Fixed rare crash when Uploads tip "stuck".
- Fixed rare crash on skin change (access synchronization error).
- Fixed rare crash on multi-file torrent reopening.
- Fixed rare crash on multiple search preview requests.
- Fixed rare divide-by-zero crash on upload queue rotation
- Fixed Host Browser rare crash.

* Feature/bug fixes:
- Fixed "always connected network" bug when seeded torrents present and AutoSeed option is on
- Fixed unneeded sources addition for completed downloads.
- Fixed potential problems found by MSVC Analyzer (including "large files" compatibility).
- Fixed "Close after transfer complete" feature (now without disconnection).
- Fixed avatar loading in host browse window.
- Fix paused state of downloads not being saved when modified
- Fix creation of zero length files when files/folders are renamed/deleted outside of Shareaza's control
- Fixed Shareaza and plugins registration under active User Access Control (UAC).
- Fixed Library synchronization. (on several places; also avoids some possible crashes)
- Fixed Shareaza hibernation (added network core reconnection after resuming from suspend or hibernation).
- RegExp stability fix. Changed insecure alloca() to more robust malloc() function.
- Fixed missed strings for media player Speed, Volume and Position controls.
- Added more strict checks for skins and so fixed some skins.

* Internal optimizations:
- Fixed extra sources of completed but still moving downloads.
- Eliminated unneeded source code dependencies of CBuffer, CBENode and CXML* classes to simplify its use in another projects.
- Removed "BitTorrent.TorrentExtraKeys" option since its always "true".
- Optimized local search engine (fixed potential crash on neighbor disconnection; removed library file metadata dependencies).
- Implemented asynchronous searches.
- Added plugin cache for all plugin types (earlier it was for ImageService plugins only) to improve metadata extraction speed.
- Improved crashed plugins reload process.
- Optimized drawing of download sources
- Optimized fragment list traversals
- Optimized CDownloadWithTiger::GetWantedFragmentList() function by adding cache.
- Optimized tray icon operations.
- Optimized download status text code (in download window and in remote interface).
- Optimized Neighbors core (single CList<> replaced by two Cmaps<>).
- Improved reaction speed on new hits in search window.
- Optimized Host Cache methods.
- Optimized packet dump window.
- Optimized schema cache code.
- Optimized library dictionary code (also it fixes rare Shareaza exit crash).
- Optimized host cache code (removed extra 8 times per second checks of all G2-hosts inside Search manager). Host cache now checks by Network core and one time per minute only. Optimized network names resolver.HashLib optimization for non-assembler (including 64-bit) compilation on VS 2008. Slightly redesigned and optimized queue code

* Other:
- Updated save/restore scripts of Shareaza registry.
- Updated Shareaza Chinese (Simplified) translation (by dxrayb).
- Updated Russian translation
- Updated English language files
- Added Windows Media Player object as another MediaPlayer plugin "engine". So now it can be compiled in two different ways: with WMP or with DirectShow.
- Fixed all translations (Dialog banner and Media Window) and added "update.cmd" script for complete rebuilding of all translations using default-en.xml and corresponding .po-files only (msgmerge.exe is a utility from Poedit application).