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Download PeaZip 3.8.0

PeaZip 3.8.0

Von Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)

Was ist die FileHippo-Sicherheitsgarantie?


Wir wissen, wie wichtig es ist, online geschützt zu sein, deshalb nutzt FileHippo Virenscantechnologie von Avira, um sicherzustellen, dass alle Downloads auf FileHippo frei von Schadsoftware sind. Das Programm, das sie gerade herunterladen wollen, kann ohne Bedenken auf Ihrem Gerät installiert werden.


* (Windows) 7z updated to 9.22 beta
* Pea 0.36

* Added a constant switch COMPQT to fix some visual and functional problems compiling the application for Qt on Linux, default is 0, if experiencing problems with the compiled binary set it to 1 for better results on Qt on Linux

* Added write support for WIM and XZ formats
* Added context menu handlers for right button drag and drop operation from application to system
- from file browser: move, copy, extract, extract in new folder
- from within archives: extract selected here, extract all here (both also in new folder)
* Added "Extract all to..." button on toolbar
* Fixed adding files to existing archives through "Add" procedure
* Fixed updating archive content in application window bar after delete operations
* Fixed browsing files with .bz extension and its variants
* Fixed creating new folder if folder with same name exists, in extraction and archive conversion
* Fixed restoring archive content in application window bar after exiting "Extract" procedure
* Fixed show correct path in the breadcrumb when opening and empty or non readable archive
* Various minor fixes

* Used InnoSetup ANSI version to keep compatibility with 9x systems

# 133 file extensions supported (improved support for .bz2 variants; .ipa files)