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Opera 25.0.1614.63

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* Breakpad won’t work on Yosemite
* [pl] [de] [fr] [fr-CA] [cs] [ja] [sk] [hu] [uk] [nl] [nb] [bg] [el] [fi] [pt] [hr] [sr] [vi] [pt-BR] [be] [kk] [uz] [ca] [ta] [fy] [gd] [lv] [mk] [sw] [tl] [zu] We could not Install Opera on your Mac does not fit the window
* [zu], [tl], [sw], [uk], [hu], [cs]. Please click Try Again after checking your network connection clipped
* Crash when trying to open skype connection
* New network installer does not work with TLS 1.0 enabled on WinXP
* [Win] Crash after dropping tab into folder on bookmarks bar
* 412 invalidation faililng on at least 25 causing Discover to not show.