Download MediaInfo 0.7.89

MediaInfo  0.7.89

Von MediaArea.net SARL  (Open Source)

- Tree view for Windows: present the results at the top of the tree
- QuickTime: support of Panasonic AVC-Intra 50/100/200 without SPS/PPS ("aixx" and "AVin" CodecID)
- More QuickTime/MP4/AVC/HEVC color descriptions based on future ISO 23001-8:201x/PDAM1
- FFV1: handling 16+ bitdepth (YUV and RGB) while handling buggy version <= 3 YUV 16-bit streams
- Improved growing file detection, option for forcing the growing file test
- Matroska: support of video FieldOrder, MatrixCoefficients, BitsPerChannel, Range, TransferCharacteristics, Primaries
- Acquisition Metadata: support of more elements (IrisTNumber, IrisRingPosition, FocusRingPosition, ZoomRingPosition, ColorMatrix)
- Add stream counts to MIXML output
- I242, AVI/Matroska: mapping of mjp2 to JPEG 2000 format name
- MPEG-4 Visual: parsing of Studio profiles, providing width/height/frame rate...
- MXF: reading MPEG-4 Visual profile from MXF sub-descriptor and/or EssenceCompression
- MXF: reading Intra GOP info from descriptors
- Sequence of images: detection of sequence even if the provided path separator is the Unix one (Windows only)
- Acquisition Metadata: IrisFNumber, FocusPosition, LensZoom were not correctly reported
- LXF: fixed crash in case of some malformed files
- LXF: reject bad frames instead of displaying wrong duration and bit rate

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