Download Maxthon Cloud Browser Beta

Maxthon Cloud Browser

Von Maxthon International Ltd  (Freeware)

# Functions added:
* Support HTML5 data list tag.
* Add “send to Maxnote”, “desktop”, “quick app” to right click menu.
* Add traditional address bar.
* Add DirectWrite font render switcher.
# Bug fixed:
* Fixed some entries in favorite bar cannot locate correctly.
* Fixed update favorite icon function.
* Fixed global mute invalid problem in XP system.
* Fixed second monitor flying away problem.
* Fix the compatibility issue when using intranet service.
* Open last session when starting the browser from a link outside.
* Open a long-named local file causes abnormality in toolbar menu.
* Exit from reader mode after continuously read some chapters causes page location error.
* Some mouse gestures are invalid in retro mode.
* Crashed when printing from Gmail.
* Right click function on tab invalid.
* Switch language causes crash or freeze on browser.
* Under windows 2003 system with double monitor, maximized monitor flies away.
* IE pop up a window when saving a filled form.
* UUMail has repeated translation.

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