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LibreOffice 3.5.0 Beta 2

Von LibreOffice.org  (Open Source)

# Core
* 'Back' is misleading, use 'Revert' instead
* always load res of LibO UI locale, not system deflocale
* always sort category axis when it's a date type.
* avoid SIGBUS writing to overcommitted mmaped diskspace
* better fix for over-zealous Zip package consistency.
* can't claim its not a DXF just because didn't see SECTION
* component_getFactory is missing
* correct default horizontal alignment for complex script.
* crash inserting table control
* do not lose height of tree list box in Navigator
* don't evaluate error cells as values during filtering.
* don't try to use Inf for axes calculation
* fail fast if cups is non-operational.
* fix bnc#653688
* fix RTF import crasher with \keep in table properties
* fix RTF import of fields inside tables
* fix docx hyperlink writing
* fix inconsistent compression method for encrypted ZIP packages.
* fix selection of background pictures vs text
* fixed ROWS(), COLUMNS() and SHEETS() don't work with external references
* fixed an RTF import crash when handling formdata in non-FORM fields
* fixed chart listener registration during ODS import.
* fixed present Catalan (Valencian) as selectable UI language
* handle empty members correctly during field popup.
* header/Footer: RTL display fixes
* iFSD_Equal is asymmetrical
* if a bracket pair has no left/right bracket, it needs to explicit
* import m:eqArr
* impress210: added CTRL-ALT-C as shortcut for inserting comments in calc
* infer number format from formula result if appropriate.
* label PRINTING misplaced on paper sheet
* pass the correct ScTabViewShell instance to the input box.
* preserving dbf import/export charset.
* rTF export: handle url fields without a field result
* rTF import: default scale for images is 100% not 0%
* rTL PopupMenu position fixes
* resolved Advanced FILTER incompatible with 3.4.4 documents
* resolves crash on saving a file
* revert "Fix "
* row Height is unnecessarily large.
* set correct auto scaling for stacked data series.
* set initial focus to "Number of copies"
* show/hide anchor when the anchoring status changes.
* sw: Fix cursor accessibility API
* sw: avoid creating cursor with non-text node text range
* teach old-style method about the new form of screen numbering
* tweak workarounds
* use correct address convention during search and replace.
* use different default key bindings for Hungarian locale