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Download Firebird 2.1.2

Firebird 2.1.2

Von Firebird Project  (Open Source)

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* Fixed unregistered bug
Issue with @prefix@ in aliases.conf on MacOS
* Bugfix CORE-2329
Significant performance degradation in v2.1.2 RC1
* Bugfix CORE-2326
Access violation when committing a new view while trigger on rdb$relations is in place
* Bugfix CORE-2271
GFIX reports the database ownership error way too late
* Bugfix CORE-2266
NBACKUP database locking not working correctly
* Bugfix CORE-2242
The engine incorrectly fills BPB
* Bugfix CORE-2241
Wrong number of records fetched when using index
* Bugfix CORE-2234
Sometimes terminated worker processes in Classic are still considered being alive
* Bugfix CORE-2227
Problem with column names with accents and triggers
* Bugfix CORE-2223
Multiple bugs in GBAK when working with ACLs
* Bugfix CORE-2222
AV in the engine when storing text blob with transliteration blob filter
* Bugfix CORE-2221
Attach to any DB fails after modification of access rights
of security2.fdb from 0660 to 0666
* Bugfix CORE-2209
Very slow processing of the monitoring requests under high load
and blocking other activity during that time
* Bugfix CORE-2184
Superserver hangs when multiple clients create tables simultaneously
* Bugfix CORE-2182
It's impossible to drop an existing UDF which name overlaps with a new built-in function name
* Bugfix CORE-2173
Server crashes after abnormal disconnect with open ExecuteStatement
* Bugfix CORE-2171
Column MON$CALLER_ID of table MON$CALL_STACK reports invalid IDs
* Bugfix CORE-2157
fbclient does not have the libpthread dependency
* Bugfix CORE-2151
Temporary directory path with spaces in the middle is wrongly truncated
from the rightmost space
* Bugfix CORE-2137
Database restore may crash the server when DummyPacketInterval is set
* Bugfix CORE-2118
UPDATE OR INSERT with subquery used in the MATCHING part doesn't insert record
* Bugfix CORE-2117
Incorrect ROW_COUNT value with indexed retrieval and subquery
* Bugfix CORE-2108
Error "get_free_slot() failed" reported
* Bugfix CORE-2098
View over global temporary table
* Bugfix CORE-2093
Superserver startup fails on Solaris 64-bit
* Bugfix CORE-2087
RemoteBindAddress = hostname instead of IP address is silently ignored
and server binds to all interfaces (nothing in either firebird.log or syslog)
* Bugfix CORE-2084
Services API security problem
* Bugfix CORE-2078
Suboptimal join plan if there are selective non-indexed predicates involved
* Bugfix CORE-2077
Signal TERM in Classic Server 2.1 for Linux
* Bugfix CORE-2073
Expression indices bug: incorrect result for the inverted boolean
* Bugfix CORE-2065
Client library is not in default dynamic loader search paths
* Bugfix CORE-2055
Buffer overflow in fbclient
* Bugfix CORE-2053
Computed expressions may be optimized badly if used
inside the RETURNING clause of the INSERT statement
* Bugfix CORE-2050
Performance regression: too many semop() system calls
* Bugfix CORE-2049
Performance regression: too many sigprocmask() system calls
* Bugfix CORE-2045
References to non-existent system fields with blr_field are not resolved to NULL
* Bugfix CORE-2039
Domain-level CHECK constraints wrongly process NULL values
* Bugfix CORE-2033
Unresolved symbol _Unwind_GetIP in the client library
* Bugfix CORE-2031
NULL in the first record in a condition on RDB$DB_KEY
* Bugfix CORE-2026
Problem with a read-only marked database and Firebird 2.1
* Bugfix CORE-2017
I/O statistics for stored procedures is not accounted in monitoring tables
* Bugfix CORE-2008
NOT NULL procedure parameters
* Bugfix CORE-2000
Lock manager may report false deadlocks under high load
* Bugfix CORE-1984
Lock manager may report false deadlocks if one of deadlock participants
waits with permitted timeout
* Bugfix CORE-1983
Out of memory condition in OS causes SEGV
* Bugfix CORE-1982
Simultaneous backups or restores could interfere each with other using the Services API
* Bugfix CORE-1972
Non-SYSDBA user can change FW mode of a database
* Bugfix CORE-1970
Lock conversion denied (215) error may occur
* Bugfix CORE-1963
Possible server crash on commit when granting/revoking privileges
from multiple connections simultaneously
* Bugfix CORE-1962
Incorrect extraction of MILLISECONDs
* Bugfix CORE-1958
Bugcheck 179 (decompression overran buffer) when attempting to update
the same record multiple times
* Bugfix CORE-1957
Long ACLs truncated
* Bugfix CORE-1944
Monitoring tables contain wrong data on big-endian machines
* Bugfix CORE-1930
Possible AV in engine if procedure was altered to have no outputs
and dependent procedures was not recompiled
* Bugfix CORE-1926
MON$DATABASE returns outdated transaction counters
* Bugfix CORE-1922
Trusted authentication doesn't work with the Services API
* Bugfix CORE-1919
Memory corruptions in EXECUTE STATEMENT may crash the server
* Bugfix CORE-1909
Garbage in firebird.log on linux/amd64
* Bugfix CORE-1843
GBAK with service manager doesn't allow path with space
* Bugfix CORE-1596
Bug in CsConvert::convert
* Bugfix CORE-1506
Server crash with isc_dsql_execute_immediate and zero length string
* Improvement CORE-2243
Make Firebird distribution on Windows easier
* Improvement CORE-2233
Allow non-SYSDBA users to monitor not only their current attachment
but other their attachments as well
* Improvement CORE-2200
Extremely slow executing a cross join of 3 tables in Firebird 2.x