Download Feed Demon RC8

Feed Demon RC8

Von NewsGator Technologies  (Freeware)

* Added: Ability to purchase a serial number to turn off the ads (Help | Purchase)
* Added: More improvements to Google Reader synchronization
* Added: "Show item descriptions" has been added back to the toolbar above the news item list
* Added: Conversion from non-sync to Google Reader sync now enables choosing which folders to sync
* Added: Synchronization options now enables choosing which folders to sync
* Changed: "Subscribe to comments" icon has returned to the newspaper (non-synched feeds only)
* Fixed: Slow performance when using the news item list to delete or mark read/unread a large number of items
* Fixed: FeedDemon should warn about adding an authenticated feed to Google Reader
* Fixed: FeedDemon doesn't delete the ".journal" file when you compact the database
* Fixed: Single-key newspaper shortcuts get incorrectly assigned after customizing them
* Fixed: Tags added to shared items don't appear in Google Reader
* Fixed: Updating a single synched feed marks it as read
* Fixed: Older posts in synched feeds incorrectly marked as read
* Fixed: FeedDemon shouldn't enable changing the URL of a synched feed
* Fixed: Incorrect context menu for shared items
* Fixed: Google login error dialog doesn't differentiate between a bad login and a more general connection error

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