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Blender  2.77a

Von Blender Foundation  (Open Source)

- Fix for crash of point density textures due to undefined `point_data` on loading.
- GPU: avoid redundant logic for non-spot lamps
- Fix for non spot lamps calculating spot
- Fix (T47928): Crashing save corruption with dynamic paint drip effector groups.
- Revert "Fix: numpad4/6 rotates around worl Z axis and not view Y axis."
- Fix: Fix (T47910): Knife project fails
- Fix: Walk gravity fails w/ intersecting objects
- Fix: VSE adjustment crashes on blank frame
- Fix: BGE crashes w/ generated mesh data
- Fix: Vertex mask w/ subsurf select fails
- Fix: Multi-edit w/ ui-list wont highlight
- Fix: Fix regression in sequencer GL render.
- Fix: VSE hard cut fails.
- Fix add mesh template
- Fix: UV sculpt brush widgets are available when not in uv sculpt mode.
- Fix incorrect strncat use
- Fix: cycles GLSL incorrect layer weight / fresnel.
- Fix: cycles GLSL incorrect normal map node.
- Fix: UserId problem on reload.
- Fix: Particle grid not using modifier stack, Take II.
- Partly fix (unreported) particles not updating correctly when changing settings.
- Particles: Fix broken grid distribution in some case from own recent rB201d3938622.
- Fix: Highlighting selected item in filtered lists.
- Fix: Hair particles; The display percentage parameter breaks after a render is done.
- Fix, take II: Check clang package version, not llvm-devel one.
- Fix: Crash in Walk or Fly Navigation in Camera mode when invoking from non-3DView region
- Fix: Particles - Emit from Verts emits double on one vert.
- Fix: It's possible to set a Sound strip as a modifier Mask.
- Fix: Blender crash showing particle system.
- Fix: Cycles OpenCL glass not rendering correctly on AMD.
- Fix crash opening some .blend files after recent fix for hidden preview regions.
- Fix: Cycles OpenCL rendering crash on Windows.
- Fix: rigidbody bug with constraint breaking and disable collisions.
- Fix: rigid body baking crash due to thread race condition.
- Fix: OSX bpy.app.binary_path_python incorrect
- Fix: Render stamp ignores font alpha
- BLF: alpha support for drawing to buffer
- Fix: Select Random always uses same seed
- Fix: OBJ Import fails w/ imagepath encoding
- Fix: VSE Scene 'Use Sequence' fails
- Fix NULL check before free
- Fix: Knife Project crash
- Fix: Eyedropper sample-merged ignored at first
- Knife Project: revert fix for (T43896)
- Fix: Can't zoom VSE properties panel
- Fix: Select next active fails in some cases
- Fix error in ghash/gset_ensure_p_ex
- Fix: Wipe effects should have 2 inputs
- Fix: VSE GL-render scene strip hangs
- Hide layers from UI in template
- Fix curve, missing update on Ctrl-LMB
- Fix curve hide keeping spline active
- Fix curve adding 3D nurbs when 2D is set
- Fix curve editmode adding 3D primitives w/ 2D curves
- Fix: UV-editor crashes w/ over SHRT_MAX UV's
- Fix When using keying sets, the toggling "all items" in the array target only goes from the index value down, instead of keying all
- CMAKE / msvc openmp, delay loading of openmp dll so we can set environment variable before it is loaded
- CMake cleanup target_link_libraries_decoupled
- cmake fix full debug builds on msvc
- CMAKE disable building the windows launcher, fix type in delayloading of debug dll
- Remove the obsolete windows launcher
- Fix: UV Sculpt Brush Does not appear in UV window - but does show up in uv panels (t, n)
- Fix: Blender Cycles standalone does not properly read UV coordinates from XML
- Cycles: Aligned vector was not covered by guarded stat
- Fix: Smoke simulation doesn't work in viewport
- Cycles: Fix wrong initialization order of mesh flags and object transform
- Cycles: Fix wrong camera-in-volume stack when camera ray hits volume domain twice
- Fix: Missed world shader update when having object dependency
- Cycles: Support deformation motion blur for curves deformed by taper
- Cycles: Make curves modified by a taper object with modifier considered a deform modified
- Cycles: Fix regression caused by recent camera-in-volume commit
- Cycles: Fix wrong camera in volume check when domain is only visible to camera rays
- Fix: Freestyle line glitch.
- Fix Cycles debug panel, being shown in BI as well.
- Include requests' cacert.pem file.

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