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Download Avant Browser 2012 Build 169

Avant Browser 2012 B 169

Von Avant Force  (Freeware)

Was ist die FileHippo-Sicherheitsgarantie?


Wir wissen, wie wichtig es ist, online geschützt zu sein, deshalb nutzt FileHippo Virenscantechnologie von Avira, um sicherzustellen, dass alle Downloads auf FileHippo frei von Schadsoftware sind. Das Programm, das sie gerade herunterladen wollen, kann ohne Bedenken auf Ihrem Gerät installiert werden.


* [Add]Chrome rendering engine(18.0.1025.151)
* [Add]The option to open links with other rendering engines added to the context menu of Bookmarks,Autofill,History etc
* [Add]APC option under AB options>Proxy server
* [Add] Version number of each engine on Help>About Avant browser
* [Add] Option:Only show favicons on bookmarks bar
* [Add] Mouse gesture:Move to top/bottom
* [Improve]Improved the performance of chrome engine
* [Improve]Downloader:Move "Open the file when complete" option out of "Advanced "
* [Change]RSS reader won't be started without adding the prefix "feed"
* [Fix]Special characters miscoded in RSS Reader
* [Fix]Avant Downloader didn't start the download
* [Fix]In certain condition the default rendering engine returned to the default setting
* [Fix]Drop down list of address bar disappeared while page was loading
* [Fix]XP: One more about:blank page created when launching browser quickly
* [Fix]Cannot remember the size of window in the second monitor
* [Fix]Runextra cannot open the last saved tabs
* [Fix]Favicons don't show up in online storage
* [Fix]Some pop up windows go beyond Avant window
* [Fix]Double-clicking cannot refresh page after the page crash
* [Fix][Gecko] Zoom size problem
* [Fix][Webkit] The order of popup pages in some website
* [Fix][Webkit] Gmail has no response
* [Fix][Webkit]Avant stolen focus from other app when load/refresh a video
* [Fix][Webkit] The color of visted links doesn't disappear after exiting Avant with clear all records option checked
* [Fix][Webkit] Some buttons on the floating toolbar of PDF file don't work
* [Fix][Trident] Text box doesn't appear in some website
* [Improve]Other minor improvements