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Download ATI Catalyst Drivers 9.3 XP

AMD Catalyst Drivers XP 9.3 XP

Von AMD Inc  (Freeware)

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ATI Catalystâ„¢ 9.3 Unified driver for Windows 7 and Windows

* AMD has delivered a single unified graphics driver for both Windows 7 and
Windows Vista – demonstrating AMD’s Windows 7 graphics driver leadership and
focus on delivering a stable and robust Windows 7 experience on AMD hardware
* Delivers full WDDM 1.1 support under Windows 7 on the ATI Radeon HD 4000
Series, ATI Radeon HD 3000 Series, and ATI Radeon HD 2000 Series of products
* Delivers improved gaming performance under Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista
* All future ATI Catalyst postings will deliver one single unified driver for Windows 7
and Windows Vista

ATI Catalystâ„¢ 9.3 Folding@Home performance enhancements

* Using ATI Streamâ„¢ technology, owners of the ATI Radeonâ„¢ HD 4000 Series, ATI
Radeonâ„¢ HD 3000 Series, and ATI Radeonâ„¢ HD 2000 Series of graphics
accelerators will see a performance boost in their Folding@Home scores when
running the latest Folding@Home client and upcoming cores in conjunction with
ATI Catalystâ„¢ 9.3

ATI Catalyst™ 9.3 – Windows Vista HDMI audio driver support
integrated into all ATI Catalyst 9.3 packages

* As of ATI Catalyst 9.3 the Windows Vista HDMI audio driver is automatically
included in the ATI Catalyst 9.3 package
* The HDMI audio driver will only be installed if the AMD graphics accelerator has an
HDMI display connector and there is no 3rd party HDMI audio driver installed

New AMD Display Library (ADL) SDK

* AMD Display Library (ADL) SDK is designed to access display driver functionality
for all ATI Radeon graphics accelerators and FirePro graphics accelerators
* The SDK supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Linux - 32 and 64 bit variants
* The SDK can be used from both unmanaged (C/C++) and managed (C#) applications
- samples are provided within the SDK
* The ADL SDK is available to the public via the Developer relations site

Performance Improvements

Catalystâ„¢ 9.3 brings performance benefits in several cases where framerates are CPUlimited.
Some measured examples are:
* Lost Planet: Colonies gains up to 20% on 4800 series products, and up to 50% on
4600, 4500 and 4300 series products

Resolved Issues for the Windows Vista Operating System

This section provides information on resolved issues in this release of the ATI Catalystâ„¢
Software Suite for Windows Vista. These include:
* Video combing effects no longer visible during movie playback while fast
forwarding or rewinding
* Avivo Video Color Settings are now retained after resume from Sleep/Hibernate
* Overlay Theater Mode is now enabled with component video or composite video in
extended modes
* Catalyst Control Center: Avivo Video Advanced Color page is no longer grayed out
and preview is now functional
* OGL games now play properly with "Show Crossfire logo…" option enabled
* Rotation now works if Aero mode is turned off

Resolved Issues for the Windows XP Operating System

This section provides information on resolved issues in this release of the ATI Catalystâ„¢
Software Suite for Windows XP. These include:
* Avivo Video Color Settings will now be applied in the video when played using
ATI Catalystâ„¢ Release Note Version 9.3 6
* FJ online game no longer changes resolution slowly in full screen mode with some
* Quake 4: Screen corruption no longer appears in CrossFire using two bridge cables
with some ASICs
* Composite video no longer goes black when disabling Overlay Theater Mode using
Catalyst Control Center
* Resolved issues for Open GL 3.0 "CreateContext" function
* Toggling between 3D games in full screen mode to the desktop is no longer slow
when using the Alt-Tab key